Sunday, February 17, 2013

SLT Usage Meter - Chrome Extension

Get the chrome extension here.

I previously wrote a small Windows application for checking the SLT ADSL usage for one of my colleagues.  (If you came looking for that, go here.) And now he has changed his laptop to a MacBook Pro and wanted to run it there. We tried installing it via Wine Bottler using .NET v2.0, but it didn't quite work out. Although we managed to get the UI, it looked like the HTTP requests are not going through. This limitation drove me to implement a more generic version of the same which would work practically on any OS. And a Chrome Extension seemed to be the way to go...

To be honest I have never written one. So went through the default developer tutorials and a hell of other stack overflow posts to get things rolling. Finally managed to get it working the way I wanted. And yes it DOES work on the Mac :)

 Here is the link to install the chrome extension:
Or else you can go to Chome Extensions home page and search for 'SLT Usage Meter'. Make sure you search under 'Extensions'. It will ask for your permission to access the website which you would normally check your usage. That's all your needs to do to get it working!

Here is a screenshots of the extension at work.

Try it out and let me know how it is. Comments are most welcome. And don't forget to rate and share it :) Thanks!

Get the chrome extension here.

PS: If you want the same for Firefox, its here.


  1. Ela kiri machan! Keep up the good work!!

  2. usage meter 1 reset karana widiyak nedda macho..???

    1. Login Id eka nam change karaganna puluwan. Umbe usage eka reset karanne machan SLT eken ne... Next month ekedi usage auto reset wenawa.

  3. hariyata wada nane macho mage 0mb pennne

  4. Koheda ara id eka danne..
    Danna thanak nane??

  5. Dude you're frigging Genius!!! :)

  6. Whoa 5 stars pal! keep up the good work. itz rockin huh

  7. New version is up for grabs. Now works with the new portal login system.

  8. great work man..... very usefull app for chrome and android.. thanks for hard work for srilankans.....<3

  9. Captcha Code not showing in the app. please fix.


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