Monday, January 6, 2014

All new SLT Usage Meter is here!

The SLT has revamped their website and not surprisingly has fixed the security hole too, which enabled us to grab the usage data only by giving the user id. Now users are required to create a new profile here in order to view their usage.

Sadly this made my 'SLT Usage Meter' browser add-ons obsolete. Well technically for few days, until I found some spare time to figure out the new thing. Hey SLT, we are still keeping up :)

I have updated add-ons for Chrome and Firefox both, which now work fine with the new portal login credentials. Now you need to enter the password as well so the gadjet's wow factor is gone, but that's the way it is...

I changed the icon and the layout of the gadjet too. Special thanks to GK, who supplied me with a sample icon and encouraged me to make it more eye candy. Please feel free to comment about what you think of the new look. Thank you.

Download links:

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